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We begin…


Thanks for joining me on our path to parenthood. We’re excited to see where it takes us!

About me/us, though I try not to compare pets to kids (oddly many parents find it offensive), we have semi-successfully raised two dogs and a cat who are reasonably behaved and only had one run away from home. (Note: she came back after I posted 500+ flyers and she realized the streets of Baltimore had rats larger than her.)

We live in a two bedroom row house in the city with about 1000 sq feet. So it’s tight already (did I mention the two dogs are large clumsy bulldogs?), but we are already trying to figure out the best way to fit another human with apparently tons of stuff (are babies hoarders?).

Currently this whole Mini M. thing is mostly a secret. We’ve told only a very few friends and we’ll be sharing with our family over Thanksgiving when we’re all together. Everyone else will find out in mid-December when I hit the first trimester. It hasn’t really hit us until this weekend when my best friend gave us our first baby gift, which really brought this whole thing into reality.

Sure I’ve been sick non-stop for the past 4 weeks, but that didn’t quite make it real. I’ve gone to two doctor appointments already, but not quite real. We’ve spent a lot of time swapping drinks so it’s not noticeable that I’m skipping the wine, and fielded a few questions why I’m MIA after 9 (already asleep) but not real. But give me a stuffed lamb and suddenly I’m having a baby.


Boom. Baby. So the excitement is mounting, and we’re getting anxious to tell more people. But my lips are zipped and this will be my outlet for now, because everyone knows, the internet is the best place for secrets.

More to come. Hopefully more funny than scary, more interesting than terrifying.



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