We continue somehow.


I bought this domain with the plan to chronicle our path to parenthood. One post in and radio silence. I figured I could always go backwards and backfill our experiences. Perhaps, when I’m in a better place.

At 32 weeks, we had an ultrasound to determine if my placenta was low per our 20 week ultrasound. We sat, happy, making jokes and were told we needed to take extra images. I started to worry but tried to shake it off. I’ve been anxious this entire pregnancy and finally started to feel more confident after my shower a few weeks earlier.

When two doctors came into talk to us, our world changed. We were told that Nora had a 2 inch hard mass on her abdomen. They reiterated multiple times, it was a hard mass and not to google. Have you ever been told not to google? It’s impossible. Yet once you do, there is so little to find, that googling is useless.

We were given a coordinator who would make our appointments for the week on Monday. We went home, sobbed and decided that we needed to move faster. We spent the weekend in breaks between panic and finishing Nora’s room. We painted Matt’s mom’s dresser coral and bought a new rug.

Tuesday started our appointments. We met a specialist who told us that she was very confident and after my appointments that week, we’d be monitored. But again, she was very confident.

That confidence was unwarranted. After many appointments, I had an emergency c-section on April 27th and Eleanor Regan Moore came into the world. Her time with us is short but her impact was large.


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