I am in a mood. I don’t have a particular reason for it, but its lingering. Comments about babies and seeing other people’s children hitting milestones are just making me angry and sad. I feel like its 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. I was doing well, talking to other pregnant friends and new moms and bam. A mood. We’re going away for the weekend so I’m hoping a change of scenery will do me some good. I just feel super anti-social which should merge well with my weekend with friends. :/

I keep looking at baby girl names. I am just struggling. Nothing feels right. We just did this. We picked the perfect name. I don’t want Dot to have a second choice name. Bah. Picking names should be fun. I think I’m just going to put a pin on name searching for a little while. I can always wait until Dot can speak and she can name herself.

Clearly sitting on the beach and staring at the ocean can’t come soon enough for me.


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