Dot · pregnancy

Deep breath

So our ultrasound this morning went well. The dangling choroid plexus is still dangling, but slightly less than before. From 4.9 to 4.1, and could be a considered a normal variant and the only concern would be for it to turn to ventriculomegaly. So we go back in three weeks for another scan, but my anxiety is a little lower. In the meantime, I’m going to try to stay off google. From now on. Obviously I had to re-look up ventriculomegaly when I got to work.

Our MFM specialist remembered us from Nora. He was either a resident or fellow at the time and studied under the MFM who discovered and told us about Nora’s mass. I don’t remember him, but he remembered us. He asked if he could let the MFM specialist (she moved hospitals) know that we were in and were having a “healthy pregnancy”.

I have a lot of emotions around that. First, I appreciate him saying “healthy pregnancy”. It reinforces the fact that we are probably worrying over nothing and that Dot’s ok. Second, I’m touched that he remembered us (even if he had our files to review) and that he thought the other doctor would care to know. Third, I wonder if Nora is being used as a case study now. Are her scans are being shown to teach other MFM specialists?

So I’m going to hold on to “healthy pregnancy” and try to keep the panic at bay.

We got a few pictures of Dot, but she wasn’t being super cooperative. This time she managed to cover her face with two hands and a foot. She’s flexible and no longer breech. She already has hair, so I’m excited to see what color it is. I was born with reddish hair and Nora had light brown. I think Matt was blondish-brown. She’s 4 lbs, 13 oz, so she’s measuring a little ahead. I find that reassuring. If something happened and she had to come early, she’s sturdy. Clearly that’s not always the case, but I feel like in combination with her movements and kicking, she’s doing her best to keep me reassured. She’s a good egg.


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