On this day

two years ago…2

Matt’s has a big meeting tomorrow, so I don’t want to upset him with this. But I needed to put it somewhere. So here it is. What a fast, unbelievable two years. Still doesn’t feel real. Getting this notification makes me want to go home and climb into bed.

I spoke with my friend recently about grief. She recently was with her Bubbie as she passed away. How it’s not pretty or peaceful. But there is an honor in bearing witness. You would obviously rather it not happen, but you wouldn’t want to not be there if it had to happen. But it comes at a painful price. How you replay the moments over and over in your head instead of sleeping. How quickly you’re expected to be ok.

We’re trying to pin down the date of Nora’s 2nd blood drive. I’d like to have it closer to her birthday. I just can’t believe it will be 2 years. How much has changed. Yet so much remains. The anxiety. The sadness.

Evie helps. Our love for her is overwhelming. Her smile is out of this world. I wish they could grow older together. Evie will be 6 months old soon. Nora will always remain three days old.

All of this in 2 years.


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